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MedicalJobsUK.com is aimed at bringing health services and health and medical professionals together, filling vital staffing roles for the delivery of health and medical services across the UK.

With the demand for healthcare jobs remaining high, and recognising the lack of specialised online health and medical job sites in the UK, MedicalJobsUK.com was established to help improve the way health care employers and recruiters find health and medical candidates. Our site also provides easy searching for health and medical professionals who are seeking out new jobs and planning their next career moves in the UK.

We are now UK's dedicated health and medical jobs site and publish thousands of jobs online.

Medical Jobs was founded in 2015 and MedicalJobsUK.com is owned and operated by Medical Jobs Limited, a UK company.

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Our easy to use personalised advertiser console provides health care employers and recruiters with a simple, fast and effective way to advertise and manage their jobs online. And our home page job search tool and online job board provides job seekers with a fast and easy tool to search and apply from thousands of health job opportunities UK-wide. Advertisers can also list healthcare jobs located in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the Middle East.

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Looking for a comprehensive UK Health Job site to advertise and search for jobs? Today, MedicalJobsUK.com is a dedicated online health careers site and we have thousands of medical and health jobs available to browse each day. Each month, we list thousands of new health and medical vacancies. In addition, our jobs are current as old jobs are deleted or expired, so that users should be confident that only jobs currently being recruited to are available for searching and job applications.

Our commitment to quality and service delivery

As a company, Medical Jobs Limited is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, excellence and quality. We invest in the design, development and new features in our website to provide the best possible user experience for health services and other advertisers and for health and medical job seekers. We strive to provide a responsive online service to our advertisers and job seekers who make enquires to us. Your feedback and suggestions on how to improve our product and services are always welcomed.

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