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Paediatric and perinatal pathology is from a group of specialties within Cellular Pathology , which study organs, tissues and cells in the laboratory, from macroscopic and microscopic perspectives, helping to identify and diagnose disease, monitor health or response to treatment, determine a cause of death, or inform patient care. These fields use advancing techniques in digital pathology and molecular diagnostics, and develop generic skills in surgical pathology, basic autopsy, cytopathology and molecular pathology. Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology focusses on investigating diseases in the foetus, infant and child. This includes rare congenital conditions, cancers, de-novo genetic and inherited disorders, acquired conditions, sudden infant death, miscarriage or still birth. This field is essential to paediatric surgery, paediatric medicine and obstetric medicine. It involves the examination of the child, neonate, placenta and products of conception. It informs diagnosis and prognosis and supports safe and effective patient care. It also involves autopsy practice and forensic and medico-legal work.

Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology Jobs

Paediatric Pathologists undertake cellular pathology studies and perform diagnostic and prognostic tests in the laboratory, which help to identify disease, inform patient care or understand a cause of death. They can identify the macroscopic and microscopic features of paediatric and perinatal disease, and they work in multi-disciplinary teams with other clinical and laboratory specialists involved in perinatal or paediatric care, or those involved in autopsies. Core work involves diagnosis and prognosis of childhood cancers, organ transplantation, examination and interpretation of products of conception, post-mortem examination of foetuses, infants and children, including forensic and medico-legal autopsy. Paediatric pathologists are involved in quality improvement and safeguarding, national audits, and diagnostic networks for childhood cancers. To specialise in this field, doctors complete foundation training and core training - Integrated cellular pathology training (ICPT) or equivalent, followed by three and a half years of paediatric and perinatal pathology training, which can incorporate Histopathology training and lead to a full FRCPath, CCT, and specialist registration with the GMC.